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From Inside the sio Lab

The Majority of Manufacturers Already Use 3D Printing

If you’re waiting for the 3D-printing revolution to become more of a mainstream phenomenon before you take an interest in it, consider the fact that two-thirds of industrial manufacturers are already using 3D printing for one application or another.

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What Effect 3D Printing Is Really Having

3D printing is having a very real and profound impact on just about every industry you can imagine. Not only is it stimulating creativity, it is also allowing for shorter prototype cycles. And not only is the testing phase becoming less expensive and more creative for entrepreneurs, manufacturing in general is becoming less about having a variety of stock on hand and more about the ability to customize once an actual order is placed.

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We are experts at architecting, implementing and supporting solutions that help our customers take the next step in their business plan. As a result, leading companies in Kentucky and surrounding states trust their critical technologies to us. Warm fuzzies.

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By having an off-site copy, your business data can be protected from fires, terrorist attacks, abominable snowmen, natural disasters, and other catastrophes. We store it using the same strict industry security standards used by medical and financial institutions. Cool, huh?

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Here's the good news: with SIO's cloud and virtualization services you no longer have to replace computing equipment every few years or pay extra for monitoring and backups. You wanna hear the bad news? Oh, wait, there is no bad news. You save time and money. That's pretty much it.

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At SIO, we oversee our very own experimental lab where we unleash our creativity and push the technological boundaries. This is where next generation ideas are hatched, tinkered with, and eventually applied toward new services and offerings for the public.

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