• Strides in Scalable 3D Printing

    Here at SIO, we are interested in all 3D printing advancements. We have been investigating the impact of 3D printing for years now, from national news right down to our own in-house lab experiments.

  • Enjoy the SIO IT Company Difference

    You have a lot of choices when it comes to data backup, data security, cloud services, file sharing, email hosting, etc. SIO combines experience, flexibility, and local savvy to ensure that its customers always have the right technology supporting them.

  • Don't Let March Become Madness for You

    With SIO, you get proven solutions with world-class levels of security and redundancy. We keep your data safe from all types of threats, while storing it offsite in not one but two secured data centers.

  • Staying on the Edge of Computing Technology

    SIO is your dependable local resource for all the latest tech trends. Implementing our solutions can help you make more money because your employees will be happier, more efficient, and dealing with fewer technical glitches.

  • Adding Cameras and Security to Your Defensive Mix

    At SIO, we specialize in using technology to help protect businesses in a variety of ways. We protect data by providing secure methods of data transfer, and we also protect data by offering offsite cloud data backup storage, as well.

  • How Tech Took Over Our Hearts

    Here at SIO, we have always loved technology. As the generation that sort of grew up with the personal computer, we helped mold it, even as it shaped our own lives. As we came of age, the possibilities were exploding before our very eyes, and we wasted no time diving in for more.

  • The Importance of Password Security

    Show how much you love your digital tools by keeping them safe! SIO offers a full range of IT and cloud services that will keep your hardware, software, data secure so that it all performs as it should for your company or organization.

  • Talking About Love, Drones, and 3D Printing

    People who love what they do and enjoy learning everything they can about it invariably perform the best. And at SIO, our customers reap the benefits of our tech passions because we keep our customers ahead of the curve and protected from the latest dangers. Let us help you, too—we’d love to discuss all the ways that we can help!

  • Local, Cost-Effective Solution for Microsoft 365

    SIO is Lexington’s local authority on email hosting, email security, and email backup. And not only that, we can provide email protection and recovery for around half the price that Microsoft charges on a monthly basis. So our clients get the local service and the savings they need.

  • Monitoring and Enhancing IT Performance with SIO

    SIO’s virtualization services include some awesome visual tools that help you see your IT performance in concrete, easy to read terms. Right on your screen, you can analyze resource utilization and see where your current needs are and project what your future IT needs will be.

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