• The Importance of Obtaining Expert IT Help

    Our IT services provide the backbone where company communication and commerce can take place. We provide a secure environment with backup technology that keeps data safe, while also providing systems to help accomplish work more efficiently.

  • Improving Cloud Services with Fog & Edge Computing

    Wireless Internet service, along with huge amounts of data being processed, transferred and stored at any give moment of the day, have been pushing computing capabilities into the future at a rapid clip for years now. And while we can now do things we could only dream of doing years ago, we still have hurdles to clear with regard to speed, power, and storage.

  • Amazon Utilizing 3D-Printed Drone Facility

    At SIO, we’re big fans of 3D printing technology, as well as drone developments. The way these two technologies are being merged should help both make positive strides by leaps and bounds.

  • Outstanding Business Email Solutions

    SIO provides a unique, local email solution with its CloudCollaborate application messaging system that takes all the work out of your hands and replaces it with powerful, easy-to-use tools.

  • Backup Redundancy Key for Peace of Mind

    SIO is Lexington, KY’s #1 resource for data backup, data redundancy services, and all types of backup support solutions. If you have important data that needs to be kept secure and easily accessible, contact SIO today.

  • Support for Backup of iOS and Android Mobile Devices

    SIO is the perfect mobile device backup partner because we specialize in all types of data backups and IT solutions. For any given device, we can set up a backup protocol for it so that you have peace of mind, whether your employees are in the office or out in the field.

  • Backup and Recovery of Office 365 Exchange Online Data

    SIO provides additional backup and recovery services for Office 365 Exchange Online data. SIO not only backs up your data as a third party, it allows you to restore data when necessary. With true data protection, your business is ready to resume normal functions confidently and securely.

  • Using Data & Storing Data

    SIO provides cloud solutions to businesses that need a place to store their data. We also provide backup and security to those who maintain their own servers but need to protect them against system failure, natural disasters, and malicious attacks.

  • Full Complement of Cloud Services from SIO

    Here in Lexington, KY, SIO leads the pack in providing cloud services of all types. Being able to lean on an IT company like SIO relieves stress and apprehension for businesses across many industries. With a trusted IT partner, new technology becomes the asset it’s truly designed to be.

  • The Winding Road of 3D Printing Innovation

    The 3D printing industry is interesting to monitor for a variety of reasons. Anyone who enjoys technology would concede that 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has taken us for a wild ride in recent years with innovations that have affected so many industries.

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