Improving Cloud Services with Fog & Edge Computing

by Jim Blancet

Wireless Internet service, along with huge amounts of data being processed, transferred and stored at any give moment of the day, have been pushing computing capabilities into the future at a rapid clip for years now. And while we can now do things we could only dream of doing years ago, we still have hurdles to clear with regard to speed, power, and storage.

One of the ways we are dealing with these issues is finding ways around each device’s constant reliance on bandwidth (and the limitations that can present). Among others, industry leaders like IBM (Edge Computing) and Cisco Systems (Fog Computing) have been working on the issue by seeking ways to harness the vast computer power that is nearly always around us.

And while getting machines to work together like that may seem like a foreign concept now, it seems pretty clear that devices will be helping and boosting one another quite a bit in the near future. This local device utilization will help reduce latency and provide a more logical path of data flow.

Identifying areas where help is needed will help push new technology into existence. The challenge of finding enough bandwidth is leading to solutions that will make room to tackle the next opportunity.

With all the uncertainties, one thing we do know is that SIO will be ahead of the curve. Our customers already benefit from our full range of cloud services. Plus, we help them unlock the power of their own local machines so that everything is being utilized at an optimum level.

As edge/fog computing evolves, you can be certain we will be there to help our customers leverage it to their benefit. It’s always a good time to work smarter. Contact SIO today and let us help you make the most of your IT power, which in turn helps you make the most of your human power, as well!