Is Your Computer System Properly Patched?

by Jim Blancet

Do you have an IT department at your company? Are you or anyone else at your business in charge of keeping your computer systems up to date with the latest patches? If not, consider letting SIO provide you professional IT services.

SIO supports its customers with patch management, which runs on your virtual server’s operating system, keeping it updated as new patches are released. With SIO in charge, you get peace of mind, knowing that the patches are being installed in a timely manner.

Why does it matter, you may ask?

Well, patches are issued to fix known security issues. Everything has certain vulnerabilities, and hackers make it their business to discover these holes and exploit them to their advantage and your business’s disadvantage and embarrassment.

And once a security patch is available, that means the problem being patched is being broadcast to the hacking community. Needless to say, time is of the essence at that point, and the sooner the patch is implemented, the better the odds of preventing a breach.

Do you want to keep your company’s systems free from malicious threats and bugs? Of course you do. Let the experts here at SIO do the technical work for you so that you can relax and stay focused on your own business goals.