New in 3D Printing: A Software Push

by Jim Blancet

3D printing is an industry with a lot going on, to say the least. You have inventors, hardware manufacturers, software creators, and people contributing from then private sector, public sector, education sector … well, you see what I mean.

And all of these factors have an influence on how the industry evolves. New hardware equipment allows software developers and 3D printer users to perform new tasks, while new user demands help propel the next generation of hardware units.

Right now, the industry seems poised to experience a big surge in software development. The latest generations of 3D printing hardware haven’t been fully explored or pushed to their utmost potential, but software trends are indicating some fresh new applications are right around the corner.

Understanding all the various ways that a robot can create an object takes time, and implementing the “intelligence” for specific tasks is often a highly specialized pursuit. With new ground to be broken, money to be made, and technological advancements to be achieved, there are people all over the world figuring out ways to adapt 3D printers and their inherent capabilities to their own manufacturing needs.

Many of the manufacturing companies are pushing the envelope on the software front, as well, but it isn’t limited to what they can roll out. Individuals, businesses, and universities all have something to say about what the limitations may or may not be, and the harnessing of each new idea nudges the industry ever forward.

Taking control of hardware and adding the right software to accomplish a desired goal is no strange concept to us here at SIO. In fact, that’s what we do for our customers every day. Technology always needs intelligent guidance to maximize its real-world potential.

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