The Importance of Password Security

by Jim Blancet

Did you ever pass notes in school? Maybe even a Valentine’s Day card to that special someone across the classroom? If so, you know the particular humiliation of having that note intercepted and either shared by harassing peers or a disapproving teacher.

Well, the concept is much the same with Internet security except the stakes are much higher. While you may have risked some temporarily hurt feelings with the schoolroom notes, your business is passing and storing much more sensitive information that could affect a greater number of people.

No one wants to undertake the damage control associated with data breeches, and the best way to avoid it is by preventing them entirely via good security practices in the first place. One easy measure to implement is password security, and SIO can help.

Choose passwords that are impossible to guess and long enough to thwart random hacking attempts. Also, make sure to update your passwords on a regular basis. If you set routine times to change your passwords, it increases the likelihood that you’ll follow through with it.

Show how much you love your digital tools by keeping them safe! SIO offers a full range of IT and cloud services that will keep your hardware, software, data secure so that it all performs as it should for your company or organization.

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