• Utilizing Professional IT Support

    Though it is obviously much easier to avoid a problem than it is to troubleshoot the aftermath of an IT disaster, SIO can help with either scenario. Our expertise extends to all things IT and beyond, which makes us a perfect technology partner.

  • Where Data Goes When Floods Occur

    Offsite data backup is an essential business practice. A flooded office can turn the machines from any company into expensive paperweights. And backup generators require fuel that may or may not be available in abundance when trouble arrives.

  • Hurricane Harvey Perspective from Drone Footage

    Indeed, drones can help minimize disorientation in times of uncertainty by allowing people in the vicinity of the confusion to take a broad, aerial assessment of the situation and distribute that info amongst other residents essentially in real time.

  • Thoughts on the Eclipse and Uptime

    Yesterday, the solar eclipse gave most everyone around here a chance to pause and consider some things they often take for granted. With the excitement surrounding the eclipse, it was the perfect time to think about the sun, the moon, and our planet earth.

  • Help Your Company Communicate Better

    Breakdowns in communication can be an Achilles heel for any venture. Unless you are part of a one-person operation, it is critical to ensure that communication flows freely and efficiently amongst all team members.

  • Knowledge Can Be the Difference

    SIO offers its customers a distinct advantage when it comes to technology innovation and technical problem solving. One of the things that differentiates SIO from the competition is our ability to solve technical issues.

  • Why We Store Data Offsite

    For as long as business data has been compiled and processed by computers, we have been learning about how to deal with it properly. Data needs to be safe and easily accessible, as well as readily usable by those who need it.

  • Cool New 3D Printing News

    3D printing is an industry of interest to us, since its advancements are at the forefront of current technology, just as is the same with the IT industry. In fact, the two have a certain crossover already, with more certainly to come in the near future.

  • Make Your Business Better with SIO

    SIO is the perfect partner for small and mid-size businesses just getting their start. Not only do we have professional IT solutions at all turns, we also have years of experience in helping businesses start, grow, and succeed.

  • The Zero Downtime IT Goal

    Any time your business experiences service interruptions, you are potentially losing money. SIO understands this and has solutions to help any size business mitigate risks and prepare for inevitable technical hiccups.

  • Declare Your Independence from IT Problems

    Happy 4th of July everyone from all of us here at SIO! We wish you a safe and enjoyable Independence Day. On Wednesday, when you are back to work again, keep the independence theme going by declaring your own independence from IT problems. You do not have to suffer or live in fear from the tyranny of IT struggles.

  • The Continuing Push and Pull Surrounding Drones

    For years now, we have been following drone technology, watching the advancements in form and features collide with the limitations of the world around them. And with billions in investment and commerce riding, it is a predicament that is still being sorted out by government, private industry, and the average consumer.

  • Backup Minded is Forward Thinking

    Taking the necessary steps to protect your data is a specialty here at SIO. For years, we have helped businesses protect, store, and even recover valuable information that keeps their businesses rolling along properly and prosperously.

  • Pro Email for Your Business

    With email being the gold standard that it is for business communication, you want to make sure you have a professional grade email platform that will not let you down when you need it most. SIO solves this concern for its customers with CloudCollaborate powered by Storeitoffsite.

  • Serious Protection from Ransomware

    Fortunately, there is an easy way to protect yourself from ransomware attack. SIO specializes in robust IT solutions to just about any IT issue you can image, and ransomware is no exception.

  • Using IT Flexibility to Your Advantage

    One way that SIO helps bridge different technologies is by providing a secure and flexible cloud server as an IT home base for all of your employees and employee devices.

  • Welcome to a 3D Printed World

    The expansion of 3D printed applications in the past few years has been driven by a lot of rapid improvements that have been made with regard to the printers themselves, the printing materials, and the hardware and software that help make the magic happen.

  • Beating the Ransomware Game

    During the month of May, we have seen a real increase in ransomware activity across the globe. Ransomware is a type of cyberattack that utilizes extortion tactics in order to obtain money from unsuspecting users.

  • Using SIO as Your Business Grows

    One of the ways that SIO helps you keep up is by providing constant monitoring ability on virtualization resources and performance. That way, you always know your IT system status, plus you have projections on future usage and needs.

  • Your Best Bet on New Tech

    The way that businesses access, use, and store data has changed immensely in the past twenty years, and much the same is expected for the future. SIO will keep your data safe and accessible in the present, as well as the future.

  • Don't Lose Data: Use Data

    Even temporary data loss can lead to permanent client loss, and reputations that have been built over a lifetime can disappear in a matter of minutes if data is left unprotected and vulnerable. Thankfully, there is a solution for data protection.

  • Your Checklist for IT Spring Cleaning

    SIO specializes in partnering with area businesses, providing a full array of IT services to help each business achieve goals and implement new technology. SIO eliminates the guesswork and coordinates tech services so that everything is working together efficiently.

  • Drones Continue to be Integrated in Remarkable Ways

    Over one third of commercial drones are currently utilized for aerial photography. Industries such as real estate, construction, agriculture, and insurance all have drones performing vital functions for them.

  • Don't Be an April Fool with Your Data

    Protection is priceless, and that is exactly what you get from SIO. We monitor for critical and security updates so that your operating system is secure from viruses, malware, and other bugs. Plus, we do it promptly so that you are not left vulnerable.

  • Spring Is All About the Clouds

    Over time, your business will grow, and scaling has never been easier than it is with access to a cloud structure. And SIO makes it a snap by offering customized plans based on what your business needs now, with the ability to implement additional resources over time.

  • Strides in Scalable 3D Printing

    Here at SIO, we are interested in all 3D printing advancements. We have been investigating the impact of 3D printing for years now, from national news right down to our own in-house lab experiments.

  • Enjoy the SIO IT Company Difference

    You have a lot of choices when it comes to data backup, data security, cloud services, file sharing, email hosting, etc. SIO combines experience, flexibility, and local savvy to ensure that its customers always have the right technology supporting them.

  • Don't Let March Become Madness for You

    With SIO, you get proven solutions with world-class levels of security and redundancy. We keep your data safe from all types of threats, while storing it offsite in not one but two secured data centers.

  • Staying on the Edge of Computing Technology

    SIO is your dependable local resource for all the latest tech trends. Implementing our solutions can help you make more money because your employees will be happier, more efficient, and dealing with fewer technical glitches.

  • Adding Cameras and Security to Your Defensive Mix

    At SIO, we specialize in using technology to help protect businesses in a variety of ways. We protect data by providing secure methods of data transfer, and we also protect data by offering offsite cloud data backup storage, as well.

  • How Tech Took Over Our Hearts

    Here at SIO, we have always loved technology. As the generation that sort of grew up with the personal computer, we helped mold it, even as it shaped our own lives. As we came of age, the possibilities were exploding before our very eyes, and we wasted no time diving in for more.

  • The Importance of Password Security

    Show how much you love your digital tools by keeping them safe! SIO offers a full range of IT and cloud services that will keep your hardware, software, data secure so that it all performs as it should for your company or organization.

  • Talking About Love, Drones, and 3D Printing

    People who love what they do and enjoy learning everything they can about it invariably perform the best. And at SIO, our customers reap the benefits of our tech passions because we keep our customers ahead of the curve and protected from the latest dangers. Let us help you, too—we’d love to discuss all the ways that we can help!

  • Local, Cost-Effective Solution for Microsoft 365

    SIO is Lexington’s local authority on email hosting, email security, and email backup. And not only that, we can provide email protection and recovery for around half the price that Microsoft charges on a monthly basis. So our clients get the local service and the savings they need.

  • Monitoring and Enhancing IT Performance with SIO

    SIO’s virtualization services include some awesome visual tools that help you see your IT performance in concrete, easy to read terms. Right on your screen, you can analyze resource utilization and see where your current needs are and project what your future IT needs will be.

  • New in 3D Printing: A Software Push

    Understanding all the various ways that a robot can create an object takes time, and implementing the “intelligence” for specific tasks is often a highly specialized pursuit. With new ground to be broken, money to be made, and technological advancements to be achieved, there are people all over the world figuring out ways to adapt 3D printers and their inherent capabilities to their own manufacturing needs.

  • Fast, Secure Data Sharing Via SIO

    SIO understands the importance of data security, data management, and data sharing to its customers. Businesses run on data, and they need it to be safe, organized, and available so that employees can do their jobs and customers can get what they need.

  • Is Your Computer System Properly Patched?

    SIO supports its customers with patch management, which runs on your virtual server’s operating system, keeping it updated as new patches are released. With SIO in charge, you get peace of mind, knowing that the patches are being installed in a timely manner.

  • The Gift of Drones

    Interest in drones has been increasing with each passing year, and drone activity in general has been on the rise, as well. More practical uses are being integrated into our daily lives, and that has increased overall cultural adoption.

  • The Importance of Obtaining Expert IT Help

    Our IT services provide the backbone where company communication and commerce can take place. We provide a secure environment with backup technology that keeps data safe, while also providing systems to help accomplish work more efficiently.

  • Improving Cloud Services with Fog & Edge Computing

    Wireless Internet service, along with huge amounts of data being processed, transferred and stored at any give moment of the day, have been pushing computing capabilities into the future at a rapid clip for years now. And while we can now do things we could only dream of doing years ago, we still have hurdles to clear with regard to speed, power, and storage.

  • Amazon Utilizing 3D-Printed Drone Facility

    At SIO, we’re big fans of 3D printing technology, as well as drone developments. The way these two technologies are being merged should help both make positive strides by leaps and bounds.

  • Outstanding Business Email Solutions

    SIO provides a unique, local email solution with its CloudCollaborate application messaging system that takes all the work out of your hands and replaces it with powerful, easy-to-use tools.

  • Backup Redundancy Key for Peace of Mind

    SIO is Lexington, KY’s #1 resource for data backup, data redundancy services, and all types of backup support solutions. If you have important data that needs to be kept secure and easily accessible, contact SIO today.

  • Support for Backup of iOS and Android Mobile Devices

    SIO is the perfect mobile device backup partner because we specialize in all types of data backups and IT solutions. For any given device, we can set up a backup protocol for it so that you have peace of mind, whether your employees are in the office or out in the field.

  • Backup and Recovery of Office 365 Exchange Online Data

    SIO provides additional backup and recovery services for Office 365 Exchange Online data. SIO not only backs up your data as a third party, it allows you to restore data when necessary. With true data protection, your business is ready to resume normal functions confidently and securely.

  • Using Data & Storing Data

    SIO provides cloud solutions to businesses that need a place to store their data. We also provide backup and security to those who maintain their own servers but need to protect them against system failure, natural disasters, and malicious attacks.

  • Full Complement of Cloud Services from SIO

    Here in Lexington, KY, SIO leads the pack in providing cloud services of all types. Being able to lean on an IT company like SIO relieves stress and apprehension for businesses across many industries. With a trusted IT partner, new technology becomes the asset it’s truly designed to be.

  • The Winding Road of 3D Printing Innovation

    The 3D printing industry is interesting to monitor for a variety of reasons. Anyone who enjoys technology would concede that 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has taken us for a wild ride in recent years with innovations that have affected so many industries.

  • Performance Tools for Better IT Planning

    SIO provides customers with IT performance tracking. At a glance, you can see how your IT is being used, how many resources are being expended, and what sort of overall load your IT system is experiencing.

  • Get Cloud Services from SIO

    At SIO, we are proud of our reputation as a top cloud service provider in Lexington, KY. Every day, we work hard to ensure that everything works the way it should for our customers. We’re local, responsive, and ready to customize packages that fit your needs.

  • Will U.S. Expand Drone Flying Exemptions?

    Recently, some drone operators have been seeking exemptions from the FAA’s current regulations against flying drones that don’t remain in the pilot’s field of vision. So far, only a small handful of exemptions have been granted, and lots of drone operators are feeling too restricted by the rule.

  • Your Comprehensive, Local IT Solution

    SIO is a proven IT partner to businesses in Lexington and throughout central Kentucky. For years, SIO has built its reputation by assisting its partners with (among other services) data protection, managed IT services, and web & email hosting.

  • Virus and Malware: Protection Versus Going It Alone

    You have a lot at stake when it comes to your business data and business machines. At minimum, your work computers help facilitate certain tasks that enhance company productivity. And in most cases, these machines are involved in vital business functions that store customer information and actually process the sales.

  • Going 4D with 3D Printing

    3D Printing is an industry that is constantly pushing forward to new and better technologies, and the future is never far away. Breakthroughs occur almost daily as scientists, researchers, and inventors all endeavor to expand industry possibilities via new products and tools.

  • Top Three Data Backup Benefits from SIO

    At SIO, we achieve data backup for customers and clients of all sizes. We make it easy with automatic updates, and we provide peace of mind through reliability and security. Contact us today, and we’ll create a customized data backup plan just for you.

  • Backup Remains Critical for Business

    Storing data offsite with SIO makes the best sense because we are a professional data backup service utilizing the most state-of-the-art, secure backup protocols available. Plus, with your data stored offsite, you have an extra layer of protection against weather and other forms of disaster, such as building floods, fires, and break-ins.

  • The Continually Developing Uses of 3D Printing

    Right now, down in Austin, TX, the 27th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium is taking place, and many of the great contributors to the 3D printing industry are on the scene to share ideas and celebrate just how far 3D printing has come since additive manufacturing began to take shape in the 1980s.

  • Staying Safe in the Digital Jungle

    The growing threat of ransomware presents a very real threat to business data. One way to avoid being snagged in its web is by utilizing systematic offsite storage. SIO can help you back up your files frequently and securely for maximum protection.

  • IT Solutions That Work for Business

    SIO provides IT support, implementation, and creative architecting as a full-service support to businesses both big and small. By doing so, we help companies solve problems that would otherwise inhibit growth and deter profitability.

  • What's New This Summer for Drones

    SIO strongly supports technological innovation of all sorts, and we always strive to integrate new technology securely and efficiently into the workplace. Our clients are evolving right along with the tech space, and we help keep them positioned to take advantage of the latest developments.

  • Get the IT Solutions You Need

    You don’t have to have your own IT department. Make the smart move and delegate your IT needs to SIO. We have you covered with backup, recovery, archiving, collaboration, and virtualization, plus dozens of customizable service combinations.

  • Local, Hassle-Free Professional Grade Email Service

    No matter what type of business you have, and no matter how many employees are relying on company email, SIO can handle it. That means top-notch security, unmatched uptime and reliability, plus local support from a proven industry leader.

  • Why Your IT Plan Matters

    Whether or not you and your employees are tech-savvy, there is a lot riding on your approach to IT matters. When it comes to your business, the decisions you make impact your customers, as well as your bottom line, so it’s wise to get an understanding of how to best leverage and protect your digital information.

  • Excitement in 3D Printing Developments

    The 3D printing industry is an excellent follow, even for those just casually interested in the growth on the technology. The reason is simple: advancements in the industry occur rapidly, and there are so many applications that are really cool, as well.

  • IT Consulting from IT Experts

    Turning over all of your IT needs to SIO often makes the best practical business sense. We already have the hardware, the expertise, and the proven daily update protocols that would take someone else years of trial and error to learn and implement.

  • Take Control of Your Data

    Get professional advice, help, and service from SIO. We are data experts. We understand how to capture it securely, process it quickly, and deliver it back to you and your employees fast so that it ends up making your business run more efficiently. Our systems are proven, and our technology is second to none because we are committed to maintaining our place as an industry leader.

  • Getting Kids Involved in 3D Printing

    Let’s face it. One of the ways for the 3D printing industry to speed its growth is to involve kids at an early age. Getting excited about the technology translates into more 3D experimentation down the road, and the next generation of innovation is only a good idea away.

  • Managed Cloud Services from SIO

    The increasing importance of digital data has meant an equally increasing importance of maintaining and preserving that data. Businesses in and around Lexington turn to SIO for help with this management, and we offer a full array of office cloud services.

  • CloudCollaborate Email Hosting from SIO

    Email remains a critical business tool. If you’re spending time thinking about your email host, then you’re probably experiencing issues you shouldn’t be having. SIO can eliminate these headaches for you by plugging your business into our CloudCollaborate email hosting package. We’ll customize it as needed and make sure you have the right features to help your business flow efficiently.

  • Coming Soon: Big-Time Aerial Drone Shows

    What this underscores is that we have only just begun imagining ways to use drone technology. We’ve never had this type of low-flying, high-precision flying machine available to us before, so the sky is truly the limit on where this leads next. Drones make use of the air space immediately overhead, and they can be flown together in rather amazing ways.

  • Monitoring Threats to Your Business

    Beyond that, SIO customers enjoy enhanced IT security. SIO employs the industry’s most advanced protocols with built-in backups all along the way. Plus, we keep our machines patched and upgraded with the latest security features—something that is next to impossible for an average business to maintain on its own.

  • Keeping Your IT System Current

    Patch Management is a service that runs on your virtual server’s operating system. It monitors for critical and security updates provided by Microsoft and applies those patches at scheduled intervals. And with that in place, bugs and other threats are far less likely to infiltrate and damage your system.

  • Drones, Planes, and Testing New Technology

    As drones become more commonplace in the sky, discussions are increasing about how to keep drones out the way when manned aircraft are in the area. Just yesterday, a drone incident was being investigated at London’s Heathrow Airport when an Airbus A320 reported being hit by a drone during its approach.

  • Your IT Advisors in Lexington, KY

    With SIO, you’re never short on IT services available to you: we provide data backup, data recovery, data archiving, plus collaboration and virtualization solutions from our secure cloud. Our goal is to assess your needs and then customize a service plan based on those needs to maximize return on investment and minimize your own company’s investment responsibility.

  • Safe Internet Backup Via SIO

    With SIO, you have “anywhere access” to your data, with backups occurring at regular, scheduled intervals that won’t require a lot of extra internal management. That saves time and provides convenience, plus the extra peace of mind in knowing the data is safe.

  • Your Smartphone Can Become a 3D Printer

    Great new ideas can be found in a lot of places, but one place that definitely has its fair share of interesting ones is Kickstarter. Sure, you need to be able to search through the fluff, but there are many inventive people and companies out there utilizing it to springboard their new inventions and products.

  • Choose SIO for Professional IT Support

    SIO understands that businesses need support from multiple technologies. So the question is less about what we are offering and more about what you need, which is the way it should be in the first place!

  • Contact SIO for a Data Recovery Solution That Really Works

    As with most disasters, the best way to cope with them is to plan for them ahead of time. SIO makes this easy for its Lexington, KY business partners by offering SIO Rewind, an exclusive plan for rolling back a personal computer or a web server to a previously known good state so that data may be recovered in a fast, efficient manner.

  • Aprecia Ramps Up Pharmaceutical 3DP Operation

    The broad implication is clear: 3D printing is jump-starting innovation and providing a method to test and perfect new ideas, whether they are pharmaceutical in nature or apply to some other industry. There is a directness to 3D printing. Technological advancements have a more streamlined path and quicker test cycle.

  • Important News About Data Storage

    For example, a recent report found that backing up SSDs (solid state drives) is essential because of how they tend to fail. Even though they are less likely to fail during their normal life spans, SSDs are actually more likely to lose data.

  • SIO for Local Lexington IT Services

    We know what it’s like to be a thriving Lexington business, and we know how to help a business organize its IT systems to flourish in the coming years. It takes experience, understanding, and flexibility—all of which we have in abundance at SIO.

  • Drones and the Logistics of Progress

    It’s not always easy for new technology to find its place in civilized society, particularly when it involves other established industries making adjustments that create room for the new technology. This is certainly true for drones.

  • SIO Rewind Can Save the Day in as Few as 15 Minutes

    Your business relies on data. You use it to communicate internally. You use it to take care of your customers and provide your goods and services. You use it to stay organized and keep track of everything you do. The same is true of your private files on your personal computers, too. Don’t leave them open and vulnerable to an unknown threat.

  • Your Lexington, KY Source for Managed IT Services

    SIO is the perfect partner for managed IT services, and we service businesses in and around Lexington, KY just like yours everyday. We provide all sorts of cloud services, like data backup solutions that are easy to understand, file sharing services that keep you connected everywhere you work, and email hosting that keeps everyone connected and communicating from their preferred devices.

  • 3D Printing to Approach $27 Billion by 2019

    What you see is a collection of industries using 3D printing technology to advance their own industry-specific goals. For example, you see 3D printing used in medicine to create artificial limbs, just as you see robotics inventors advancing prototypes of new products. While these two purposes aren’t directly related, these applications (and others like them) all serve to advance 3D printing as a whole.

  • Importance of Data and Data Recovery

    We are experts in data security, and we utilize leading industry standards when it comes to data transfer and data storage. Plus, we provide IT solutions that eliminate the dangers posed by in-house server crashes, fires, theft, employee error, and more.

  • Data Products & Technology Services from SIO

    Here at SIO, we are experts at architecting, implementing, and supporting solutions that make your data work best for you. With our structure and IT services based right here in Lexington, KY as your backbone, you will see better internal collaboration and communication in a safer, more easily retrievable data environment.

  • Big 3D Printing News to Start 2016

    HRL Laboratories in California developed the pre-ceramic resin process, which utilizes stereolithography to convert the resin into a regular ceramic object. Add in the fact that the new process allows for more flexibility when it comes to ceramic shapes and cuts down on the flaws we’ve seen in 3D printed ceramics of the past, and it is clear that this has solid potential.

  • IT Resolutions for Your Business

    Looking for cloud services in the new year? What about web hosting, email hosting, data protection, or managed IT services? SIO has you covered. And for those who haven’t thought in these terms before, SIO is the perfect partner. We have so many clients based in and around Lexington, KY that utilize us as their go-to IT professionals. We keep ahead of the technological curve and pass those advantages on to our customers.

  • SIO for IT Solutions in Lexington, KY

    SIO understands your work environment and your local economic climate. Your IT services will be efficient and streamlined to fit your budget, as well as your technology goals. Small business IT support is a specialty of SIO. Our enhancements will improve the way you store data, the way you serve data, and the way you communicate internally and with your customers, as well.

  • Big News for Drones and Drone Owners

    At SIO, we follow drone trends just like we follow all of the latest tech developments. To be an industry leader, you need to know what the latest technology is, how it’s regulated, and where the future is heading. Put all of these elements together and you’re able to stay one step ahead of the competition. We help our clients have a competitive advantage by working smarter and more efficiently.

  • Navigating Computer Software in Lexington, KY

    Partnering with SIO means never having to worry about your technical advantages. SIO takes the lead and ensures that you have the tools available to you that you need to stay ahead of the competition and service your own customers better. Get started on getting ahead! Let SIO help!

  • Small Business IT Services from SIO

    Sometimes it feels like everything is working against you when you’re running a small business. Though large enough to incur the responsibility of overhead and employees, you still don’t have the buying power or the industry might of a Fortune 500 company.

  • The Progress of 3D Printing

    The industry expectation is that a half million 3D printers will be manufactured, sold, and shipped in 2016, with distribution more than doubling every year through the rest of the decade. General consumers, as well as enterprise customers, fuel demand, as both individuals and businesses reap the rewards afforded by the additive manufacturing process.

  • Choose SIO for Web Hosting Services in Lexington

    Our technical expertise allows us to keep businesses up and running and deal with trouble efficiently and quickly. And when you need assistance, our local business approach ensures effective communication at all times. Indeed, SIO is truly a readily available small business IT company partner.

  • Managed IT Services for Lexington, KY Businesses

    Let SIO be your full-service IT solutions company. Our customers rely on us for a broad spectrum of services, including cloud backup, cloud file sharing, data protection, managed IT services, and web/email hosting, just to name a few. This allows businesses to focus on what they do best while enjoying professional IT support in the background.

  • The Next Phase for Drones: Development & Deployment

    Looking a bit deeper into the industry, however, other drone trends begin to dominate the landscape. Take new development, for example. Just yesterday, DJI launched a new embedded computer (the DJI Manifold) designed to encourage new drone development.

  • The Lexington, KY Email Hosting Leader

    CloudCollaborate is robust with features and works on virtually any platform, making it easy for your employees to use. And while using it, everyone benefits from being connected via any and all of the typical devices we’ve come to expect and depend on in our modern world.

  • The Continued Importance of Virus/Malware Protection

    Those plotting the next big virus are using sophisticated methods to outwit the common user and business environment. Facing the risk alone can be a scary prospect. The smart move is to let the professionals at SIO safeguard your data, your devices, and all of the rest of your business’s digital interests.

  • Major 3D Printing Factory Placed in Kentucky

    Kentucky made big news on the 3D printing front recently as tech startup CloudDDM launched a brand new 3D printing factory right in the middle of UPS’s worldwide hub in Louisville.

  • Data Restoration for Lexington, KY Businesses

    SIO Rewind’s versatility and comprehensive nature ensures a complete backup and data restoration solution. This allows you and your staff to get back to work on your main initiatives and avoid getting bogged down in protecting, preserving, and/or restoring your all-important data resources.

  • New Standard of Backup and Recovery with SIO Rewind

    SIO Rewind is all about shaking off those virus and malware blues and getting your machine back to its last “good” state prior to the problems. Or, in cases where you only need to retrieve a missing file or folder, you can simply recall it via SIO Rewind. All it usually takes is a few clicks!

  • 3D Printed Sternum and Ribs for Cancer Patient

    At SIO, we’re interested in new technology and all its possibilities. Sometimes it’s not a matter of doing something that’s never done before; rather, it’s a matter of doing something better than it’s ever been done in the past. In either case, the advancement is worth pursuing, and we enjoy passing along these sorts of benefits to our customers along the way.

  • Why You Need a Backup and Data Restoration Partner

    It’s really no surprise to learn that applying a little forethought and planning can help alleviate a lot of technical pain later. Backing up data and storing it offsite (in addition to what is stored locally) is essential in today’s dense data landscape. Indeed, it can be the difference between surviving one bad day and losing your entire company.

  • Professional IT Support to Improve Your Business

    Here at SIO, we have the experience, the know-how, and the creativity to integrate customized IT plans for your business. No two businesses are alike, and they all have different needs (some subtle and some major).

  • University Level 3D Printer Developments

    This illustrates something that has been true for many burgeoning industries over the years—when education and business interests overlap, we see rapid development, which quickens the timeline of innovation and ultimately delivers better results for all interested parties.

  • Cloud Computing for Lexington, KY Businesses

    Businesses need uptime and security in order to be successful. Nothing kills profits faster than an inability to perform basic job functions. Allowing SIO to provide a cloud environment for your business eliminates the worry and headache of battling outages and Internet predators on your own.

  • Replicated Backup for Your Protection

    The replicated backup appliance offered by storeitoffsite has all the features your business needs without the high cost commonly associated with these types of systems. The RBA ensures reliability, including access to complete backups at a moment’s notice, free of any dreaded downtime to critical business services.

  • Medicine Via 3D Printing Has Arrived

    One of the larger implications this development holds for the future is very similar to what has happened with prototyping in manufacturing. For example, instead of pills being manufactured and shipped to doctors and hospitals, now pills could potentially be created on site. Furthermore, doses and active ingredients could be customized depending on a patient’s complete medical profile.

  • Let SIO School You on the Cloud

    Chances are that your business relies heavily on data. Is it backed up? Is it backed up somewhere offsite? Are any of your machines holding information you couldn’t replace if catastrophe struck?

  • Don't Skimp on Your Server Backups

    With SIO, however, not only do you get the peace of mind knowing that your information is safe, you also know that it isn’t coming at the expense of employee productivity or customer user experience.

  • 3D Printing For the Masses

    As many of you know, MakerBot has a new CEO (Jonathan Jaglom). And it’s no surprise that Jaglom has some definite ideas about how 3D printers will expand into the mainstream market. Even those of us who are casual observers have been predicting an increased penetration into the consumer market for quite some time.

  • SIO: A Leader Amongst Central KY Cloud Providers

    We are a local company, built on years of excellent customer service, earned by consistently presenting customized solutions to each new customer we encounter. You get to help imagine and create your own ideal cloud environment, and SIO will put your plan into action, taking care of all your business needs along the way.

  • Cloud Solutions: An Important Choice

    IT infrastructure is expensive. Partnering with SIO actually ends up saving you money because you avoid purchasing your own servers, making costly repairs to hardware, coming up with your own backup solutions (on site and off), and losing money to downtime because of a lack of redundancy.

  • Drone Videos of 4th of July Fireworks

    As the 4th of July approaches, it’s tempting for drone hobbyists to strap on a GoPro camera and get a bird’s-eye view of the situation. In fact, if you check YouTube, you can find evidence of people who have not only flown around and near the fireworks but all the way into the explosions, as well.

  • A Tech Partner You Can Trust

    These days, companies and individuals are increasingly being placed in the awkward position of losing autonomy over their data in exchange for common goods and services. See Google’s fine print as a glaring example. I am happy to report that SIO customers don’t have this concern because SIO does not use customer information in any way for marketing purposes.

  • Safer, Smarter Business Email from SIO

    With our email solution, you have email that is not only easy to use but also packed with innovative tools for quick access and different ways of communicating. You get full support, too, meaning that your email is safe, easy to access from just about any device, and backed up so that you won’t risk losing it.

  • New Frontiers: 3D Printing with Metal

    Basically, considering how widespread 3D printing has become, pick any industry, and there is most likely some innovation taking place with regard to 3D printing and metal. And while plastic is exciting in its own way, adding metal to the mix further expands the potential of 3D printing.

  • Avoid Expensive Data Loss by Using SIO

    When you use SIO, however, you get offsite, cloud protection that eliminates the stress of wondering whether or not your own hardware will work. Plus, you avoid the potentially devastating cost of replacing your own downed IT center. Some businesses are IT companies. The rest are best served by a reliable IT partner like SIO. Call us today to start your partnership with us!

  • Don’t Be Cloudy on How Your Data Is Backed Up

    Not only do we provide all the cloud storage you need, but we also (more importantly) can take care of all your cloud backup needs, as well. We’re talking full, continuous storage of your company’s files. And that kind of protection is the kind that can help prevent a possible legal or financial disaster.

  • 3D Printing Makes Impact on Drone Development

    I guess it’s only natural to begin to mix 3D printing with drones. For one reason, 3D printing allows for rapid prototyping. Another reason is that 3D printing technology is accessible to the average designer and inventor. Furthermore, 3D printing allows for a lightweight and perfectly balanced drone.

  • How to Keep Your Cool in the Heat

    Why not leave your laptop in a hot car? There are lots of reasons. Hard drives can expand and fail in extreme heat. Other parts can begin to melt. Battery life can be reduced significantly. Even the latest and greatest solid state drives are affected adversely when stored at inappropriate temperatures.

  • Dealing with Data Compliance in the Workplace

    There are some business types where our assistance is more than just helpful or convenient—sometimes it’s downright mandatory. That’s because a lot of companies are subject to data compliance regulations. These rules require a certain manner of handling data, and SIO has the expertise to manage this with ease.

  • 3D Printing on Demand with MakerBot

    If you are into 3D printing at all, you are probably familiar with MakerBot’s giant catalog of user-generated designs. From gadgets to just plain fun stuff and toys, this is the place to check out what some of the 3D community is working on at any given time.

  • Top Web Hosting in Lexington, KY

    Don’t trust your website hosting to just anyone, make sure you find a partner you can trust. And since SIO offers so many other outstanding services your business already needs, it’s convenient, fast, and simple to utilize SIO’s website hosting, as well.

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Profits

    SIO can provide a complete networking environment for your business, while saving you money on hardware and upkeep costs. That means you can get an affordable network that will scale to your needs as your business grows. And in the meantime, you’ll be enjoying SIO’s state of the art features.

  • Continuous Liquid Interface Production 3D Printer

    3D printing took another step recently when some University of North Carolina scientists unveiled the technology behind a new printer they have created called Carbon 3D. The neat thing about it is that the printing occurs in a completely different manner than with other 3D printers.

  • How to Avoid Common Data Pitfalls

    Malicious attacks occur every day in the cyber world. And even when no one is actively starting trouble, people still make mistakes, and hardware still eventually wears out. Even nature makes its presence felt from time to time. While not always preventable, all of these problems can be offset by the right kind of data backup plan featuring high-level security and redundancy.

  • Simple To Operate and Easy to Maintain Data Backup

    Feeling overwhelmed by the data your business is generating? While business owners understand that they need to protect their data, many of them simply don’t know how to go about it. Sadly, this sometimes leads to a failure to do anything, creating a dangerous vulnerability within the business.

  • The Line Between Hobby and Commercial Drones

    For now, though, one of the top lingering questions remains, and that is the question of how drones make the leap from primarily existing in the realm of hobbyists into the commercial world of business and retail.

  • Your Mozy Alternative in Lexington, KY

    At SIO, we have years of proven results and satisfied customers to underscore our commitment to great service. We take the latest technology and put it in the hands of local businesses with a personal face-to-face approach that improves efficiency, implementation, and data retrieval speed.

  • Data Restoration Specialists in Lexington, KY

    SIO is your source for emergency data restoration in Lexington and central Kentucky. We’re experts at using the latest available technology along with a company’s existing configuration to restore data and get businesses back up and running again. Don’t be intimidated or let the issue go unconsidered—we make it easy for you.

  • Drones for the Great Outdoors

    But as we remain in still the infant stages of drone technology and regulation, it’s worth noting that the great outdoors remain especially fertile grounds for drone testing. Once you leave the city and all its buildings and wires everywhere, drones become quite a bit easier to use.

  • SIO Delivers Top-Notch Business Services

    With a blizzard covering Lexington, KY this week, isn’t it nice to know who’s covering you when it comes to data protection, IT services, and Zimbra business solutions?

  • Business Applications for Drones Taking Off in Aerial Photography

    Merging the airspace demands between already existing aircraft and drone aircraft is necessarily an ongoing relationship to monitor. As demand grows, traffic will increase, and what fails to register as a problem now may become something altogether different at a higher volume. Integrating drones into the mix, though, presents a great number of potential benefits across multiple industries and is sure to be a worthwhile endeavor in the grand scheme.

  • From the FAA to the Super Bowl: Drones A Hot Topic

    If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, you were (of course) not alone. About 115 million Americans joined you. But what you may not have realized is that before the game took place, the FAA issued a directive that banned drone flights in and around Phoenix Stadium for most of the day on Sunday.

  • Not Crashing Our 3DR Iris+ Drone Onto White House Property

    Are you using a drone for recreational purposes? If so, we want to hear about it. Sharing tech experiences is the quickest path to new innovation, and that’s what we’re all about here at SIO.

  • Storeitoffsite Offers a Full Complement of IT Services

    With a consultation, we can recommend the exact group of services to best protect your business and increase efficiency across the full technology spectrum. Very quickly and readily, your files can be backed up properly, protected further by a full-scale recovery plan, and archived in a manner that is also easily retrievable.

  • Drones and Aerial Photography

    Not only is it super cool that 3D printing is already helping people create their own functioning drones, but this is just the beginning stage of drone technology. An increasing number of people are becoming interested (some for personal reasons, others for business reasons), and new developments are having an impact on society overall. Look for an explosion of public conversation as drones become more useful in commerce and other public capacities.

  • Being There For You When You Need Us

    No matter what level of customer care your business may need, we always have you covered, whether that means mostly hands-off IT or a full-on, deluxe version that includes service options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Local Sync Service from SIO

    At SIO, we are sensitive to the needs of your entire workforce. That’s why we make sure that our solutions are always intuitive and able to be picked up quickly by users at many different experience levels.

  • Aren't You Glad Our Machines Keep Working?

    Data security is a 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year proposition. Hardware failure can happen at any time, and the holidays are no exception. Implementing a backup plan ahead of time, however, prevents inopportune problems from intruding on employee time off.

  • Supplementing Your Cloud Services With Data Protection

    The point is not to discourage people from utilizing clouds—the real goal is to educate people about the importance of data protection concepts and how they can work alongside cloud data service.

  • Top Reasons to Storeitoffsite

    We remove the risk that far too many businesses absorb by taking everything previously housed under one roof and moving it safely offsite. While insurance can minimize the financial risk, what you really need is instant access to your data again so that you can resume operations and rebuild your business as quickly as possible.

  • Why Zimbra Collaboration Is a Welcome Solution

    Two weeks ago, we issued a social media post about the recently released report titled “The Open Source Collaboration Study: Viewpoints on Security and Privacy in the U.S. and EMEA.” This was a survey directed specifically at members of the IT community.

  • Have You Ever Been Thankful for Your Computer Data?

    It’s a pleasure to be able to get a customer back up and running after being down. Knowing that they trusted us, and we were able to come through for them in crisis, never gets old. Instead, it reinforces why we do what we do. And with Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of days, it’s a good time for us to pause and give thanks for all the customers who have put their faith in SIO over the years.

  • From Artists to the Military: 3D Printing Has Something For Everybody

    One of the many reasons we believe 3D printing has such future potential is that the technology already has impacted so many different aspects of society. Name any industry, and you can bet that 3D printing has been utilized in some capacity, whether experimental or practical in nature.

  • How Will Consumers Experience 3D Printing?

    But now we’re beginning to see the average consumer drawn into the mix, and retail is positioning to make some money off the development. Part of the impact of 3D printing is actually watching the process. All kinds of interesting images come to mind when people hear about 3D printing for the first time. Getting a chance to see it all first-hand will go a long way in harnessing the imagination of the consumer.

  • SIO Builds Own Oil Cap with 3D Printer

    If you’ve been following the blog this year, you’ll probably guess what I did. That’s right—I quickly set to work on designing and printing a replacement with the trusty 3D printer here in the SIO lab. Just like that, I had the car part I needed, and the whole process was quick, efficient, and easy. Talk about on-the-fly design!

  • The Majority of Manufacturers Already Use 3D Printing

    If you’re waiting for the 3D-printing revolution to become more of a mainstream phenomenon before you take an interest in it, consider the fact that two-thirds of industrial manufacturers are already using 3D printing for one application or another.

  • What Effect 3D Printing Is Really Having

    3D printing is having a very real and profound impact on just about every industry you can imagine. Not only is it stimulating creativity, it is also allowing for shorter prototype cycles. And not only is the testing phase becoming less expensive and more creative for entrepreneurs, manufacturing in general is becoming less about having a variety of stock on hand and more about the ability to customize once an actual order is placed.

  • Continued Innovation as Seen in 3D Printing

    A recent video article demonstrating how to harness the sun’s power to 3D print objects out of sand further illustrates a point we have been making in our blog series about 3D printing and its evolution through innovation.

  • 3D Printing a Car? Sure, Why Not?

    In recent weeks and months, various companies and enterprising individuals have unveiled buildings, body parts, cosmetics … you name it. Building a battery-powered, two-passenger, full size vehicle further demonstrates the capacity of 3D printing.

  • Want to Build Your Own Castle? 3D Printing to the Rescue

    If you have been following our blog, you probably aren’t surprised at any new 3D-printing innovation, as it seems there is a daily breakthrough in one industry or another. The fun of it is seeing the creativity meeting with the technology to create something entirely new, via a consistently repeatable process that has its own unique benefits.

  • The Smart Money Opting for SIO VMware or Hyper-V Backups

    By using Vmware or Hyper-V backups from SIO, you can avoid overpaying for a backup disaster recovery (BDR) system from some of our competitors. Our temporary platform services are there when you need them, available to get you through the tough times without creating an unnecessary financial burden in the process.

  • Data Restoration from SIO in Lexington, KY

    Customers in Lexington, KY searching for data restoration services can rely on SIO, a trusted local source for safeguarding, handling, and restoring data. For years now, we have been showing business owners how important it is to make a data recovery plan and how easy it is to let us partner with them and take away the guess work.

  • Go Local for Your Cloud Services in Lexington, KY

    Go Local for Your Cloud Services in Lexington, KY

    Here at SIO, we provide a unique solution that allows central KY businesses to reap the benefits of cloud computing in a safe, local environment. Our customers who pair QX wireless services and SIO data storage and protection services benefit from a tightly integrated cloud offering. With these services coupled together, a unique private cloud solution is achieved.

  • 3D Printing Drugs for Specific Patient Needs

    Just as with prototyping in other industries, 3D printing drugs shortens the waiting time that plagues progress. In the case of products, that means ironing out glitches faster. In the case of medicine, however, it could mean the difference in saving lives.

  • 3D Printing Providing Solutions to Real-World Problems

    Throughout the manufacturing age, people with great ideas have been somewhat stunted by their often limited ability to produce working prototypes. 3D printers are reducing turnaround times and limiting the number of parties necessary to advance projects.

  • 3D Printing: From Middle School to NASA

    With 3D printing and 3D printers showing up in the classroom, as well as at the forefront of the technological horizon, it ensures that exciting innovation is sure to occur both in the short term and in the future, as well.

  • 3D Printing to Kickstart Innovation and Rapid Prototyping

    So far, one of the most interesting applications of 3D printing has been seen in the prototyping phase of new product development. This has been the case for industries virtually across the board, as anyone with the technical know-how can now handle prototyping in-house, eliminating a tremendous amount of waiting, thus shortening the overall timeline between idea and finalized product.

  • 3D Printing Could Lead to Easily Accessible Custom Shoes

    But what this shows is another example of the promise of this technology in general. 3D printing gives the consumer some new control over what happens in the marketplace. Plus, it promises some customization features that have not been available since mass production began.

  • Amazon Jumps Into the 3D Printing Market

    In the latest sign that 3D printing is here to stay, Amazon just announced that their online store will now feature a section dedicated to 3D-printed products. With 3D printing becoming more mainstream by the day, it’s only natural that big business is following to take advantage of the interest and profit potential.

  • Saving Time and Money by Bundling Services

    In business, it helps to have dependable partners who provide services you can’t or don’t want to handle in-house. Nobody can do it alone. Even the behemoths outsource some of their needs to other businesses.

  • Getting on the Same Page

    One of the big pushes in 3D printing right now involves the possibility of establishing a standard operating system that could control different models and help collaboration, as well as calm fears of those who are nervous to jump into 3D printing prior to more standardization.

  • 3D Printing Upsetting the Apple Cart

    At this point, many people still get through their day-to-day lives without encountering 3D printed objects, but those days are coming to an end. The simple fact of the matter is that 3D printing allows the average person to produce something very complicated and precise, where (in previous times) this simply wasn’t possible.

  • 3D Printing Furniture for Your Home

    This is further evidence of how innovation continues to develop based on creativity and the needs of those attempting to realize their personal dreams. Innovation is very important to us here at SIO. It’s the lifeblood of technology, and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, both on behalf of our clients and because we truly enjoy it.

  • 3D Printing in Medicine

    3D printing allows for very precise mechanical operations to take place based on computer modeling, which, paired with new breakthroughs in cell, blood vessel, and organ tissue technology, forecasts a bright future partnership between medical laboratories and 3D printing labs.

  • 3D Printing at Home

    3D printers are beginning to clear one of the hurdles of growth (too many people priced out of trying the technology). With more people experimenting, designing, and playing in the 3D realm, it bolsters the overall momentum of 3D printing, in general.

  • Eat What You Print

    Eat What You Print

    3D-printed food is becoming all the rage in some foodie circles, as the evolution of food printing takes shape (literally). Indeed, printed food that was once a gooey mess is now frequently turning out as a mini piece of art. That’s because the aesthetics of printed food are one of the main draws behind innovation.

  • Cloud Services in Lexington, KY

    Cloud computing has become a no-brainer for many businesses in Lexington, KY and surrounding central KY. For a business of almost any size, you will have power and storage needs. The easiest, most cost-effective way of dealing with those needs is to let SIO save you the in-house expense and hassle by handling your needs for you.

  • 3D Printing News from Lexington's 3D Printing Leader

    3D printing is changing the world already (have you printed and eaten fruit yet?), but we’re only just scratching the surface of what the future holds. As such, it’s a rapidly changing industry with a lot of room for new innovations and new company to develop.

  • Zimbra Collaboration in Lexington, KY

    If you’re a business owner here in Lexington, KY and you’ve ever been interested in learning more about Zimbra, storeitoffsite can hook you up with comprehensive info, lots of first-hand experiences of how other businesses are using it, and some quality suggestions for how it might fit within your office environment.

  • Data Security Solutions in Kentucky

    Data security solutions in Kentucky are no more or less complicated than they are elsewhere. But having a solutions provider that boasts military-level encryption and multiple backup sites, though, really lends that extra peace of mind, and SIO always goes the extra mile in terms of innovation, forward thinking, and overall security.

  • Choose SIO for Outstanding Web Hosting in Lexington, KY

    Web hosting is a fundamental service for any business. Choosing a web host may not be a glamorous decision for the boss, but it is an important one. As such, SIO stands at the ready to make a proper assessment of business needs, implement any technical extras, and then get you up and running so that you can return to issues that impact your company’s sale of products and/or services on a more direct level.

  • Why SIO Backup Solutions Rule!

    Many of the backup plans offered elsewhere DO NOT provide adequate backup of certain databases. MS SQL and Exchange have features built in to minimize data loss down to just minutes or even seconds. If you back up once per day, then you are exposed for 24 hours. With SIO you can have protection from loss minimized greatly.

  • 3D Printing in Lexington, KY

    While some tech areas are essentially treading water, 3D printing is an industry that is still advancing by leaps and bounds. Monitoring the progress is at times astounding, and participating in the process (as we do here at storeitoffsite) is positively invigorating.

  • Outdoing Mozy for Business

    Here in central KY, we service a number of businesses in a variety of ways. Many of them take advantage of multiple service packages, combined and tailored to fit their individual needs. That’s one of the advantages of working with us. We can sit down with you, face-to-face, and come away with a customized plan to suit your particular business needs.

  • Backing Up Data Is a Must (And Easy, Too!)

    Okay, we’re going to level with you. You have to back up your data, and we’re going to tell you some of the reasons why.

    First of all, you already know why. It’s your data, and you don’t want to lose it. Whether it’s just a few files or your entire business, it’s worth taking the time to make sure it’s safe.

  • Manage Your Data Better with Mobile Sync Services

    Data needs to be available in more than one place. We’re a mobile workforce, and we expect the work we conduct on our phones and tablets to be integrated easily into our other devices back at the office.

  • Choose SIO for Your SAN Storage Needs

    A storage area network (or SAN, which rhymes with Stan) is a dedicated, high-speed network that transfers and provides access to block data and connects through servers. A SAN is a great enhancement to a company’s storage capacity, and it handles data storage, availability, and even replication.

  • The CryptoLocker Virus and Why Backups Are Critical

    Data accessibility and security are a big deal. As a business owner, the data you collect must be protected from all sorts of possible problems and attacks. Whether or not your core business revolves around the digital data you collect, it’s important to keep it safe from criminals and available to your workforce.

  • Getting More for Your Hosting Money

    Recently, consumers have begun to value the ability to obtain locally certain goods and services that they rely on at work, home, or at play. They eat more local food, support more locally-owned businesses, and pay attention to where their products are made.

  • Choose SIO for Cloud Solutions in Lexington, KY

    Use what you need and forget the hassles of purchasing servers, fixing hardware, maintaining your own backups, and suffering lengthy bouts of down time. With SIO’s cloud packages, you leave the worry and technicalities to us, while we make sure you’re up, backed up, and well supported in all IT areas.

  • Why You Should Consider Replicated Backup Technology

    First of all, it’s nice to have a replication system that is easy to use and a cinch to maintain. Let’s face it, if you’re running your own business, you barely have time to focus on executing the essential daily tasks. The last thing you need to worry about at the end of a long day is data storage and your replicated backup appliance.

  • Introducing Our Thing: A Cute SD Card Holder

    Introducing Our Thing: A Cute SD Card Holder

    Step into our lab and check out our latest creation. It’s a 3D printing remix of an octopus originally created by MakerBot. A cute little guy, we wanted to give him a purpose beyond his obvious good looks and charm, so we decided he would make a heck of a nice SD card holder.

  • Covering Collaboration from A to Zimbra

    Do you know about Zimbra? To some, it’s a household name, but to others it may sound like a yoga class or something.

  • Why Offsite Backup Makes Sense

    Nobody wants to think about it, but it’s smart to prepare for it: something happening to your building or office. Let’s face it, people don’t really think that can happen to them, but ask anyone who has experienced a disaster at work and they’ll tell you right away what it’s worth knowing that files and data are backed up offsite.

  • How SIO Can Help You

    If you manage a company here in Kentucky (or anywhere else, for that matter), then chances are good that SIO can help you. Whether you run a single-employee store or a multimillion-dollar corporation, your business relies heavily on data.

  • More on Tracing Packet Data

    In our last post, we touched on packet data, what it is, and why it may be important to your business. Unfortunately, whether it’s malware, adware, or some other unknown user, we have frequent inquiries about bandwidth issues and what may be causing it.

  • Intro to Tracing Packet Data In and Out of Your Network

    At SIO, we like to touch on subjects that may or may not be on the radar yet for a lot of our customers. For example, many business owners have never considered packet data and how it relates to their information technology.

  • A No-Brainer: Reliable Data Backup for Business

    At this point, if you are in business, chances are you store some very important information online. You keep track of what you sell, how you sell it, and who you sell it to, as well as a myriad of collateral data that naturally attaches itself to it.

  • Data Security: Who Can You Trust?

    Recent articles suggest that the EMC-owned RSA Security undermined the main functionality of its encryption technology by utilizing an insecure formula pushed by the National Security Agency (NSA).

  • The Wild and Ever-Changing World of Technology

    (And Why We Love to Be at the Center of It.) Hello and welcome to storeitoffsite. You may have noticed that we’re a little bit different, and we count that as one of our many strengths.