Why We Store Data Offsite

For as long as business data has been compiled and processed by computers, we have been learning about how to deal with it properly. Data needs to be safe and easily accessible, as well as readily usable by those who need it.

It may seem like a simple issue, but the methods have steadily evolved over the years as we as a business culture gain more and more experience with digital data. For years, SIO has been at the forefront of data backup technology, and we have learned our share of tricks and determined several indisputable facts.

One key idea is that, in order to maximize its safety, data needs to be stored offsite. There are several very good reasons for this. For one, it can help with redundancy. You may have your data onsite with you, but if you also have it offsite, then you have a backup in case something happens to your primary copy.

It also protects against storm damage and other natural disasters. Your building may seem secure, but it only takes one catastrophic moment to wipe out everything. This is also true as it concerns theft and vandalism.

Over the years, we have come into contact with lots of people who thought they had their needs covered because they used thumb drives or other USB drives to back up their data every once in a while. Not only were they playing with fire in terms of consistency, but they also came to regret their decision with regard to where their data was stored. Something came along and zapped both their primary and backup copies, all because it was stored under the same roof, on connected machines, or on the same electrical line.

In short, you need offsite storage to place another safety valve between your business and real trouble. Contact SIO today: we will help you create an individualized plan that will work great for your company needs.