Office Cloud Services: Embracing the Mostly Cloudy Forecast

There once was a time when technology was just "an accessory" in business. It had little, or no effect, on a company's ability to fulfill its mission. As companies began to move core business operations into technology based operations, suddenly, a serious issue was discovered. When the technology failed, the company's mission was interrupted. Furthermore, depending on the significance of the failure, the financial impact on that company could be devastating.

Today we operate in an environment where most core business processes require technology. It allows for a high level of management, productivity and competitiveness, unlike what many companies have ever experienced. At the same time, there are threats that constantly target that technology, such as equipment failure, viruses and malware, power outages, and even rogue personnel. Any one of these can cause a significant amount of downtime which can place a company at serious risk, or worse.

Keeping all of this hardware and software up to date and in proper operating condition is expensive. The conventional office uses numerous computers, and multiple copies of software to get the job done, making it both time-consuming and expensive to maintain an IT infrastructure. But delaying updates, proper monitoring and backup can be even more expensive—or even fatal to your company.

With Us, Every Cloud Is Cloud Nine

With our advanced computing platform technology (Virtualization, Clustering, Thin Client Connectivity and High Speed Communications), coupled with our "state of the art" Scalable Fibre Storage Technology, we can create a complete and simplified networking environment for businesses. This will provide you significant savings as compared to traditional IT services.

With EASY OFFICE virtualization, you no longer have to replace expensive computing equipment every few years, or pay extra for supplemental services like monitoring and backups. You'll save time and money, while making your critical business infrastructure more efficient, more secure and continually up to date.

No servers to buy; no hardware to repair; no backups to maintain; and no downtime!

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